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Car Transport NZ

NZ Car TransporterTransporting a car around New Zealand can be a very long journey! Whether you are looking for car transport from Christchurch to Auckland, Wellington to Tauranga or Auckland to Invercargill, let the vehicle transport specialists make the process as easy and reliable as possible for you, with a door to door car delivery service NZ wide. 

Here at Dolphin Cartage, we make car transport in New Zealand 100% hassle-free and pride ourselves as one of the best car transport companies in NZ. Simply get in touch with us through the phone (09 373 5881) or get an online quote from any location in New Zealand to any destination. Through our simple online paying system, we can action your booking to move a car as soon as you complete the payment. If you are looking to transport a running vehicle, an instant online quote is available promptly

Car transport Auckland to Christchurch is one of our most popular routes, therefore we base most of our vehicle transport schedule between the North and South Island on truckloads between Auckland and Christchurch. Transport to Rangiora, just north of Christchurch is also a popular destination. Car transport Wellington to Auckland can be offered within a quick delivery timeframe because to transfer car Auckland to Wellington is highly requested, with Hamilton and Cambridge car transport offered along the way to Wellington. Nelson car transport service is yet another key location for auto transport and auto shipping throughout the country.

Many car enthusiasts that look for classic car transport NZ or luxury car transport, can rely on our specialised one-car trucking service that will take the vehicle directly from the collection address to your preferred destination. 

Other than transporting a car on a truck, we can also offer car shipping cost down the country on certain vehicle shipping vessels. Usually, car shipping cost is cheaper but takes a longer time for transport. So when looking at cheap vehicle transport NZ wide, commonly used to transfer car Auckland to Christchurch, car shipping within NZ is your best option. Dolphin Cartage is one of the very few auto transport companies that offer this cheap car shipping to ship car across country.

Once payment is received, it usually takes 1-3 working days to pick up the vehicle or you can drop it off at our nearest depot. We generally like to say you can expect delivery within 5-10 working days. This does not only factor in the distance traveled but also the frequency of the auto transport route. Rest assured to get the best service from the best car shipping companies.

Some popular routes and expected car delivery time:


Vans & Commercial Vehicle Transport NZ

Van and Commercial Vehicle transport is very similar to car transportation throughout New Zealand.

We understand that business requirements will need your van or commercial vehicle to be in the right place at the right time.

Feel free to give us a call on 09 373 5881 or fill in our online quote form.

We will need to know the dimensions and running condition of your vehicle as special auto transport may be required if it does not fall under certain standards.  

By allowing us to handle the logistics in transporting your vehicle fleet across the country, you save precious time that can be directly invested back into your business. 


Tractor & Heavy Machinery Transport NZNZ Tractor & Heavy Machinery Transporter

Transporting your tractor or heavy machinery involves no regular vehicle transport. 

Only a few transport specialists can offer this service to a high and safe standard and we are one of them. 

Our transport network in New Zealand knows no limits and we can move anything from a standard tractor to a helicopter.

There is a large network of farmers that are looking for agricultural machine haulage and farm equipment transport each year. The trucks required for agricultural machinery transport may require a pilot vehicle if the heavy machinery is over certain dimensions. To ensure your farm machinery transport is done correctly with the right moving equipment, the only option is to leave it with the transport machines specialists.

If we are not able to quote you for any reason, we will gladly point you in the right direction. 

Tractor or heavy machinery transport in New Zealand requires specific transport equipment, therefore it is important to have certain details of your vehicle ready. 

We will need to know the dimensions, make and model, weight and running condition. 

This will ensure we can quote you promptly. 

So when looking for heavy equipment transport or heavy equipment transport near me, do not hesitate to contact us on 09 373 5881 or fill in our online quote form.


Boat & Yacht Transport NZNZ Boat Transporter

Whether you have recently purchased a boat/yacht or would like to go on holiday with it, finding the safest transport in NZ will be a top priority.

Dolphin Cartage are boat movers that offer trailer boat transport throughout NZ, anything from small boat transport, sailboat transport, to larger yacht transport.

There are two options for boat transport in New Zealand. This also applies to yacht transport. When searching for boat haulers near me:

We can truck it up or down the country. 

The other option would be to ship it on a vessel.

When comparing boat haulage costs NZ wide, shipping is generally cheaper, however, it may take longer and is largely dependent on the shipping schedule and availability of vessels. Boat hauling using the shipping method is only available down the country ie. Auckland down to Lyttleton, and not available vice versa. Therefore when considering boat transport costs from Christchurch to Auckland for example, you can rely on boat transport companies like Dolphin Cartage in order to truck it north.

We take into consideration things such as the weight and dimensions of your boat when finding the best boat/yacht transport solution for you. 

To ensure the safest and best boat hauling services, the process will take longer than transporting a car. Depending on the size, location and all other circumstances, boat delivery can take longer.

When searching for NZ boat transport or boat transport near me, you can rely on our expertise to get the job done right. 

Simply fill in our online quote form or give us a call on 09 373 5881 and we will prepare a quote to transport your boat anywhere throughout New Zealand.


NZ Motorcycle Transporter
Motorbike Transport NZ

Whether you are buying or selling a motorcycle, Dolphin Cartage provides a reliable and secure transport service, to haul bikes New Zealand wide.

Your motorbike is handled with the utmost care during transport and due to our motorcycle transport volume, we offer one of the cheapest motorcycle transport NZ

As motorcycle movers, we offer a door to door service, making the entire process very easy to deal with and ensuring motorcycle delivery within the estimated timeframe.  

One of the members in our Operations Team and the driver will be in touch throughout the process to ensure you are kept up to speed during the transport of your motorcycle

Regarding the delivery timeframe, we generally ask to allow 10-15 working days from pick up to delivery.

When booking with us, you can rest assured your motorbike is being transported by a motorcycle transport company in specialised trucks with no other general cargo. 

For a quote or any follow-up questions, contact us on 09 373 5881 or complete the online quote form.


Caravan & Motorhome Transport NZNZ Caravan Transporter

Whatever your circumstances, caravan and motorhome transport in New Zealand may be best left with the professionals. 

After finding the perfect caravan on TradeMe, your next thought will be to consider a caravan moving company to deliver right to your front door. Are you wondering, how much to move a caravan? Get in touch and we will give you a quote within one working day.

As NZ caravan moversDolphin Cartage offers a door to door service. 

For caravan transport in NZ, you will simply need to let us know the dimensions, weight, model and make of your motorhome or caravan, and we will handle the rest. Same goes for motorhome transport in NZ, as the dimensions will impact the cost of transport.

In most instances, trucking is the best option, however, shipping your vehicle may also be an option. 

Our expertise means we will give you the best option available to transport your motorhome or caravan. We offer campervan transport, RV transport and all other varieties of recreational vehicle transport as one of the go-to RV transport companies.

Given our experience in national and international vehicle shipping and auto logistics, rest assured, your vehicle transport experience will be as hassle-free and secure as possible. Look no further than Dolphin Cartage for RV relocation as we offer the best service and competitive prices as New Zealand’s favourite RV movers.

Call our landline 09 373 5881 or complete the online quote form to find out more.